About us. About benzim.

Our deep passion for dirtbikes, impeccable craftsmanship, and fashion has inspired us in 2020 to unite these worlds into one lifestyle brand, this is benzim.

The sport of riding a dirtbike, whether it’s a motor- or a mountainbike is one of the most widely embraced sports in the world. It instils a profound sense of freedom the moment you hop on the saddle. And whether you explore dirt trails around your local city, traversing through the serene forest in the wild, or
racing on the track, the moment you shift into first gear or hit the pedal you leave all your day-to-day stress behind. As the love and passion for dirt bikes is in our DNA, we know action sports continues to grow globally and influence our everyday lifestyle. Here at benzim, the product is inspired by the “dirtbikepeople”- community and we fuel ourselves on being ahead of the curve
and listening to you.
We design product that is unique, timeless, and built to last for everyone. And with that we source high-end quality material and work with partners in Europe and across the globe who have our same values.
This is who we are, this is benzim.